Portable Hyperspectral Camera – Specim IQ

Hyperspectral camera is a device that produces a hyperspectral image. The hyperspectral image illustrates the chemical composition by means of images made from spectral information collected by a spectrometer. Unlike an ordinary spectrometer, the camera captures thousands or hundreds of thousands of spectra, rather than a single spectrum. Now, with SPECIM IQ, it is possible to perform analysis with hyperspectral image in the field. SPECTRAL SOLUTIONS, together with ASTRO34, in addition to providing the equipment, also provides all the development of calibration, technical support and training.




Specim IQ Studio

Finally a real possibility to take your hyperspectral measurements and analysis to the real world!


Application Possibilities

Specim IQ opens up plenty of new possibilites for hyperspectral imaging, both in the existing as well as in totally new application fields! See below what our pilot customers have done with the device and how they are going to apply it in the future.

Vegetation Research

Food Analysis

Crime Investigation

Art Analysis

Health Sector