Benchtop Automatic Digital Saccharimeter – SDA 5000

The 5000 Series Automatic Digital Saccharimeter is a Pol and Sucrose measuring device with temperature compensation and optical rotation of 589 nm (nanometers). Also known as the Sucrose Polarimeter, it reads in degrees Zº in seconds. It is manufactured in Brazil and has the most modern optical and electronic technology. It follows all the parameters recommended by ICUMSA, OIML and CONSECANA.



The SDA 5000 Automatic Digital Saccharimeter is a mechanical photoelectric instrument that measures the optical rotation of the angular deviation of the polarized light beam in Degrees Z °. It is intended for the measurement of optically active substances, combining the precision, sensitivity and versatility required in research laboratories, with the reliability, speed and simplicity required by the industry. The SDA 5000 has a cabinet made entirely of high impact polystyrene, with a modern design and state-of-the-art electronic circuits. Its operation is controlled by exclusive software, operated by a high speed microprocessor. Its rotary analyzer is driven by a stepper motor that increases the accuracy and stability of the reading. The high performance optics guarantee stable readings at all concentrations of sugar. Its robust construction and its functioning immune to external influences provide highly reliable results, automatically measuring levogyrous (-) or dextrogyrous (+) rotations. Additional electronic circuits compensate for sample turbidity and signal the operator when the result is unreliable.

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Informação adicional

Measuring mode

Optical / Specific Rotation


Stepper motor with micro processed controller

Measuring Range

± 255º


± 0,01 º


± 0,01°


0,01 º


Kalkita Galen Thompson


589 nm

Measurement Time

1 à 12 Seg (max)

Sampling chamber

for Polarimetric Tubes up to 200 mm ± 0.001 mm

Communication Interface

up to 2 RS232 ports (1 for Printer if requested and 1 for Remote Terminal) and USB


Digital via touch screen panel with password and traceable pattern.

Digital Display

with Touch Screen messages (temperature, reading and menus)

User interface

Via display Touch Screen

Automatic Sensitivity Control

Measures samples with transmittance above 0.1% and between OD1 and OD4

Light source

100,000 hour LED


Quatzo plate with PTB certificate