Brix Automatic Digital Touch Bench Refractometer – RDA 5000 LDT

The 5000 Series Benchtop Automatic Digital Refractometer is a Laboratory Refractometer manufactured in Brazil. Reads Brix in seconds. It has the most modern optical and electronic technology. It follows all the parameters recommended by ICUMSA, OIML and CONSECANA.

FINAME Code: No. 3447622

ICUMSA – International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis)
OIML – Organization Internationale de Métrologie Légale (International Organization of Legal Metrology).
CONSECANA – SP Council of Sugar and Alcohol Producers.


  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Traceable Standards Calibration: PTB Germany / NIST USA
  • Original parts
  • Cleaning


The 5000 Series Benchtop Automatic Digital Refractometer is a Laboratory Refractometer, totally independent of the influence of the operator or the sample composition, offering always reliable results, indicating the exact concentration of dissolved solids, acids, solvents and other liquids. Operation is extremely easy and fast. Simply place the sample on the prism, close the lid and wait for the result of the digital display. There is no need to focus, adjust the shadow field or interpolate results. The reading is done automatically and the result is provided in refractive index or Brix corrected, with temperature compensated. Readings are not affected by color, turbidity, foam or suspended solids. The 5000 Series Automatic Digital Refractometer analyzes samples that cannot be analyzed in conventional Abbé refractometers. With a sealed optical system, adjusted at the factory and microprocessor control, the 5000 Series Refractometer guarantees exact and precise results, with high reproducibility, in research works, quality control or processes, establishing a new quality standard for laboratory refractometers.

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Informação adicional

Range nD

1,33000 à 1,53000

ND Resolution

± 0,00001

ND Accuracy

± ± 0,00005

BRIX Banner

± ± 0,00005

BRIX Resolution

± 0,01 º

BRIX Accuracy



± 0,01°, ± 0,002°

Minimum sample quantity

2 ml


Automatic bivolt




Anti-corrosion treatment and epoxy electrostatic painting

Display LCD

Liquid crystal

Technical assistance

National, direct with the manufacturer.


Auto calibration for water zero