PDA 5000 Benchtop Automatic Digital Polarimeter

Intended for the measurement of optically active substances, the Benchtop Automatic Digital Polarimeter for Laboratory (PDA5000), combines precision, speed and reliability required in research laboratories.


  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Traceable Standards Calibration: PTB Germany / NIST USA
  • Original parts
  • Cleaning


The Polarimeter PDA 5000 is a photoelectric instrument with balancing controlled by a servo motor. The angular deviation (rotation) of a polarized light beam in a sample is measured by compensating for that angle, carried out by means of a rotary analyzer. The desevanalizador rotation, which is directly proportional to the deviation, is measured by means of an angular encoder that emits counting signals. These are totaled and after being electronically conditioned they provide the value and direction of the angular deviation of a digital indicator. The instruments automatically measure light (-) or dextrogenic (+) speeds. Additional electronic circuits compensate for the turbidity of the samples and signal the operator when the result is unreliable.

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Informação adicional

Measuring mode

Optical / Specific Rotation


Stepper motor with micro processed controller


PDA 5200, PDA 5300

Measurement Scale

Graus ºA, Graus ºA

Measuring Range

± 90°, ± 90°


± 0,01°, ± 0,001°


± 0,01°, ± 0,002°


0,01 º, 0,001º


Calcita Glan Thompson


589 nm

Measurement Time

1 ° / sec Maximum time ± 14 sec.

Sampling chamber

for Polarimetric Tubes up to 200 mm ± 0.001 mm

Communication Interface

up to 2 RS232 ports (1 for Printer if requested and 1 for Remote Terminal)


Digital via touch screen panel with password and traceable pattern.

Digital Display

com mensagens Touch Screen (temperatura, leitura e menus)

User interface

Via display Touch Screen

Automatic Sensitivity Control

Measures samples with transmittance above 0.1% and between OD1 and OD3