In the future,
you can monitor your production 

and the field in real time.


On-line analysis are adapted to factory environments and software are integrated with the field.


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Multivariate Analysis and

Design Expert

Multivariate analysis software allows a single view of your processes, combining and presenting all process data in interactive control charts on a single panel. This real-time process visibility and analysis helps operators to identify and deal with process deviations immediately with early detection of failures and process deviation warnings. SPECTRAL SOLUTIONS has a qualified technical team for operation and complete training for companies for various types of software, such as Unscrambler.

Super easy Chemometric PC Software

for non-experts.
  • Connect, calibrate the instrument, collect spectra, create applications and regression models.
  • Use your models / applications in real time after sampling.
  • Manages and uploads models to the cloud to be used in the iSpectral mobile app.
  • Scan modes for continuous processes like conveyors belts or Streams with industrial communication to PLC or supervisory.
  • User Management and security with different permission levels.
  • Data management, importing and exporting .xlsx tables, python and Unscrambler* files
  • Connection to SQL database